Good morning, hope this finds everyone well. I have to say being newly dx I wonder with small things happening is it lupus or what? For instance before bed last night my right eyelid in the crease was burning and irritated. I checked in the bathroom and looked like small bumps 2 for sure maybe a 3rd. Almost blisterish looking. Anyway went to bed and this morning it's a red streak across the crease of my eye lid and my eye is slightly puffy. Nothing new did not get bit or scratched just out of no where it started burning. Of course this nothing major but weird.

On another note I do have a question regarding hand pain. It's worse in the cold. I do have raynauds. It's been cold here and once my hands get cold that's it even after getting warmed up they ache. My fingers will sometimes stick for a second like they lock. If I pick up something to heavy they hurt I have been dropping things as of recent a 24 pack of coke. I can't seem to open jars loss of strength. Yesterday I did get overly cold the heater was broke at work. When I got home my whole body ached and I was running a very low temp.

I am just into my third week of cellcept was just increased today I'm now at 1000mg a day after two more weeks a blood draw and up to 2000mg a day. I know that it can awhile even several months before you notice improvement but will cellcept ease the joint pain? I do have kidney involvement so I only use Tylenol and it seems I should own stock in it. It does help some but total relief is not accomplished with Tylenol. My next appt with my rheum dr is in 4 weeks. I do see a new kidney dr this week. My rheum dr does know about my hand issues but hasn't really addressed to much.