So here's my story! I have NOT been diagnose yet but I started having symptoms of lupus about 2 weeks after the birth of my first baby and it's been almost a year and I still have them. It started with just mild joint pain in fingers elbows, wrist l, knees and I started having hair loss, had pritein in my urine once but when all these symptoms started but it was gone the next week, reccuring UTIs which i havent had one in a while but through my life ive had them alot, and blood in my urine on several occasions, muscle weakness, muscle twitches, and I do have the butterfly rash but can't remember if I've always had that or not.. So I went to my first Rheumy and before he even did any blood test he said no to lupus but he went ahead & did some blood test. I came back to him to get my results & he said everything was clear & that I didn't have lupus. So a few weeks later I decided to call && get my blood test results & my anti rnp/sm was 10 points to high but my rnp & sm alone were perfect. So I decided to get another Rheumy and I lived him. Very thorough in testing and said I def did have a lot of symptoms of blood work. He took 10 vials of blood and told me to come back in a week for results so I did just that. I went back & he said everything was PERFeCt! & that I did not have lupus. But here's the thing Im still having all these lupus synptoms & I've been checke for everything else. Could I still have lupus with all my blood work being negative? My Rheumy told me something would have showed up but I still think I have lupus.. Could anyone give me advise on what to do?