My rheumy is driving me crazy and not giving me any answers she is treating me for lupus but has not given me a official diagnosis. I have had a positive antiDNA and a negative ANA . I have Lupus symptoms, the rash across my face if I am in the sun too long. I have pain and inflammation in my wrists , hands, and ankles, dark circles under my eyes. She keeps going back and forth, first she tells yes it is Lupus, then she says no it not Lupus because my test are negative , then she says yes it is in the lupus family because of my postive antiDNA but the ANA is negative so she is not sure . My last visit she told me it is in the Lupus family and that I have white blood cells in in my urine. I am taking plaquenil, Medrol, and a anti inflammatory.... How can she treat me and give me meds to take if she is not sure.. Has anyone else experienced this?