Recently I've been really suffering with muscle exhaustion/ache in my thighs and upper arms..I'm struggling with sleep because my legs ache and throb when I'm in bed. I can't lie in of a morning because I have to keep rearranging my legs to ease the discomfort. It's definitely more discomfort than's not the sharp shabby joint's the feeling of an over used and tired muscle, even though I really haven't over used them. I wake up feeling like I've climbed a mountain in my sleep, wondering how my legs will function when I get myself out of bed (they do of corse function, even though it feels like it would be impossible.)

Anyone else get this? Any awesome home remedies? I feel like pain killers are a bit redundant in this situation because it kind of an almost not pain...even though it is painful. Ok, I'm not making sense anymore. I hope somebody gets what I mean!