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    Default gluten free diet and lupus

    Hello to all of my family members. I wanted to take a moment to write a post to clear something up. We have a topic that seems to be getting a bit "muddied" in several threads and I feel the need to make sure that everyone is clear on something.

    There is no diet, Gluten Free included, that cures or has even been shown to improve Lupus itself. The only things that the Lupus Foundation says for us not to eat are Alfalfa sprouts and the newly added garlic (I know! I know! How do we survive without garlic?). We get in the habit of lumping all of our illnesses and pains into the "Lupus" category when in truth many of us have what we refer to as "overlapping diseases". What we may assume is our Lupus acting up may very well be some kind of GI issue (which is common) and SOME people and their doctors find that a gluten free diet will help with those issues. It doesn't work for everyone and is not the right decision for even all of those so all major changes to your diet should be discussed with your doctors. If you begin to have long term trouble with your GI system that you and your doctors are sure have nothing to do with your medications it is time to get to a gastroenterologist and and check for IBS or even to make sure that you don't have inflammation in your GI tract causing Colitis or even Crohn's.

    I just wanted to clarify the gluten/Lupus tie that seems to try to be emerging within some of these threads. Truth is, there isn't one. That doesn't mean that some people may not do better on a Gluten Free diet but that is more of an individual thing then a Lupus thing. Please also remember that some foods not only can bother your body they can interact with your meds. so, once again, always consult your doctors before making major diet changes

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