:!: Hello, all, I am new here. Diag. last April. In the last year have tried to taper my pred. about 6 times, and have had recurrent pericarditis/w/wo effusion about 4 times. I am under the care of a rheum. and had my first visit with a cardiologist on Thurs. We are going to try Colchocine. :?: Has anyone else had this med before or know much about it? I have read on lots of sites about it, but havent heard any real testimonials......I also take 20mg pred. 10mg Methotrexate weekly, Protonix, and Warfrin. And.....I do not want to increase my Prednisone dose AGAIN!!!! :x
I am having a hard time coping with this whole recurrent pericardits, again! :cry:
Any replys a greatly appreciated!
kimb in Calif.