I have noticed several of you mention that you have Hashimoto's. My Rhuemy found two types of elevated antibodies against my thyroid at my first visit six months ago and diagnosed me with Hashi's along with SLE. My TSH was and remains normal around 1.0.

My G.P. seems unconcerned and only wants to see me for an annual physical. My Rhuemy will probably throw on the TSH test if I ask him during my quarterly bloodwork. He didn't request it last time.

Do I just wait for these antibodies to continue to attack my thyroid until I become hypothyroid? I have read that some people choose to get treated with low levels of (synthroid?) and it lowers the antibodies attacking the thyroid.

I also read that going gluten free can reduce the antibodies as well. I asked my Rhuemy about that and he thought it was not unreasonable to give it a try. It is a pain though.

I would love to hear any advice.