I was diagnosed in October started on Plaquenil-was still having pain in December went back to the Dr and was put on 500 mg of Naprosen twice a day as well as Tecta-a stomach protector.

I sailed through all of that, but, on Boxing Day I was feeling punk and threw up-now there is a vicious stomach virus going through town, ate bland and moved on-felt fine the next day.

On January 1 I started no gluten so had some mandarin oranges for breakfast so I could take my meds-and about 2 hours later that came up. January 2, walked into the kitchen after a day of work and all of a sudden-had to throw up-This morning I availed myself of my garbage can at work.

I have always had a really good gag reflex but am not usually sick. Once I am sick-I am fine-can eat do everything as per the norm. Could it be my meds-I am starting to feel better as the Plaquenil comes on board, Do I still have the stomach virus-or is this a new Lupus symptom.

Rheumy appointment Jan 17-so not sure what is up. Insights would be good if you have any of them.