Do any of you have bad reactions to insect bites?

I was bitten by a mozzie a week ago and it has spread along my arm - it doesnt hurt, but it looks like a raised hard rash/large hive and it itches. The bite mark is on one side and the rash has spread and is now about 5 inches, it doesnt feel hot it just looks like its raised, bright red - one big fat hive. Im putting on antiseptic cream.

I dont know if it is my Sjogrens that makes me overreact to insect bites - I reacted badly to a spider bite that put me in hospital prior to diagnosis. Or could it be the MTX that is making this damn thing not go away.

And may I also say that I am so cross with the sun, that if it were possible to shout at it, then I would. I went to town today for breakfast with my husband and had minimal exposure - my arms were covered up and I had on a long skirt but the UV index was medium. Within 30 minutes my ankles had swollen up and I was getting palpitations so if you couple that with my diseased looking arm/insect bite - I look as though I should have been quarantined! So I am angry with the sun for doing that to me - how childish am I?

Anyway, do any of you overreact to insect bites?