Hi everyone

I have Sjogrens syndrome which is quite severe at the moment and since the warmer weather has arrived and our temps are in the 40's, being sun sensitive, my pain levels have gone through the roof. I get a deep bone pain in my lower legs and lower back, it actually makes me feel sick.

Coupled with the usual muscle aches which are helped by mild gym work at the gym but my legs go really shaky, in fact I go really shaky when I work out so have to limit it and although a stretch offers very short term relief (as in a few seconds), exercise can make me hurt more but I do persist with it.

I am on MTX injections - only 10mg a week and since I have been on MTX (13 weeks now), I am bruising easily and my GP ran a blood test and it came back OK except for clotting factors which have to be redone - did those today.

He has ordered a bone density scan as I am on prednisolone and have been for nearly a year now and prior to that I have had 3.5 years of continuous steroid therapy when I was younger.

Do bone scans purely show up osteoporosis?

Do any of you get severe bone pain and muscle aches?

This sjogrens is really kicking my butt at the moment, I wake up in the morning not in pain, but so stiff it takes me an hour to get moving. I have one or two slightly tender fibro points but its nothing really.

With the summer being upon us where I live, I have to stay inside as just a small amount of exposure can make my joints swell and even attribute to more hair loss.

Have any of you had bone scans?

Thanks in advance