This might sound like a silly question, especially as I've been seeing one for over a year...but what are they supposed to do?

Mine has done a very basic physical exam (moving joints about a bit), asked lots of questions related to pain and movement, done blood tests and prescribed meds.

Whenever I have raised a question relating to the difficulty I am having breathing I have always been told to speak to my GP, who then tells me to speak with my Rheumy, who get the picture. Because I have been travelling and therefore changing docs quite regularly I have not really had the opportunity to get to the bottom and ever since I've just given up. So I'm just putting up with knowing there is something not quite right with my breathing but with no answers, and its getting worse. I know I have asthma but inhalers don't solve the issue.

But who should I be dealing with regading breathing problems? Rheumy? GP? Referral to someone else? I can't even get anyone to stick a stethescope on my chest! I know I need to put my foot down and get this looked into but I just want to be armed with the right info.