Hello everyone. I am posting on behalf of my little sister who is 28 and was diagnosed with Lupus about a year ago. Any info, opinions or advice would be appreciated.

Last December she experienced what she described as "double vision", and really bad arthritis/joint pain. After a few tests the doctor told her she had Lupus and was prescribed Plaquenil, and Naproxen for the arthritis. Aside from that one "flare" and some fatigue, she doesn't really seem to have any other Lupus related symptoms. No rashes, photosensitivity, sores, etc.

So fast forward to November 2012, my sis started to feel some tingling in her hands. Her doctor prescribed Prednisone for the first time. After a few days she left to Florida(from Canada) for a vacation and the tingling continued so the Prednisone was increased slightly. At this point her legs and feet started to get a bit swollen and numb. She returned to Canada about a week later unable to walk and in a wheelchair.

After a few tests which included an MRI and a spinal tap, the doctors ruled out a few conditions including Guillain-Barre syndrome, and concluded it was Vasculitis caused by the Lupus. She is still on Prednisone and is reducing the dosage weekly, but is also doing Cyclophosphamide for 3 months.

Her condition seems to be improving, the tingling remains, and some numbness in the toes but she still can't walk properly and has not yet returned to work. There also seem to be an absense of muscle mass on her right leg(muscle atrophy?).

Has anyone had any experiences like this? Any advice that I can pass along to my sis?