I am new here and sought this forum on Google. I have SLE and have been diagnosed a with Cold Agglutinin Disease. As a result of my illness I have profound anemia and osteoporosis. I also have diabetes and due to taking prednisone have developed glaucoma in my right eye. I believe I have had lupus for twelve or more years though I was not diagnosed until 2005 after several years of misdiagnosis. I changed doctors several times until one brilliant young doctor, still my primary caregiver, sent me to a reumatologist. After an extensive blood and urine test they informed me I had lupus.

Yesterday I was having trouble getting to sleep. At two or three in the morning, with an old movie on the TV I finally fell asleep. Several times I got up to urinate as is usual. The last time I went to the bathroom I noticed it was getting light through the closed blinds. Happily I was still sleepy and returned to bed. Not more than an hour later I awoke again and laid in bed completely awake so I got up and began brewing some decaffeinated. I turned on the TV, having turned it off on one of my trips to the bathroom, and changing the channel to the news found that Rachel Maddow was on. The clock on the wall said it was seven-twenty. I opened the blinds and it was dark. I had slept from three in the morning to at least six in the evening. This is the first time this has happened to me. So then I looked up this forum to see if anyone else has had this type of extended sleep period happen to them. Thank you for whatever information you can give me.