Being new to SLE I am confused about "flares". I am wondering if I am in/or was in one. I have an appt. with my Rheumatologist on the 28th. I was advised at my last appt to have some labs run a week or so before my appt around the 19th. On the 6th (all of this this month) I began to feel fluish. I do cakes for fun on the side and had two cakes going out on the 8th. The 6th and 7th was my normal work day about 5 hours and then baking and decorating is now a 14 hour work day. I never came down with a fever well I never checked but did not feel hot. After the cakes left early Sat morning the 8th I slept for the rest of the day. Sunday the 9th I worked my 5 hours and again came home and slept. My job is not physical. I do bookkeeping for a major grocery chain (part time 2 stores 4 days a week) and our famlies automotive shop. Monday still felt bad was freezing at the shop came home and the "flu" feeling felt worse. My hands were hurting soooooo bad. Nausea began. I got sick once that night it was coming out both ends. No appeatite for a few days. Last Thursday I woke up for work and my face was HUGE! My eyes were not just puffy on the lids but under as well I looked like a chipmunk storing food. Again Fri, Sat, Sun, and this Monday woke to the same thing. I did call my Rhuematologist on Fri but the girl on the phoned advised me to call my GP. Thought maybe I was over reacting so I waited over the weekend to see. I also tried benadryl as my face was very red and felt rough looked a bit shiny on my cheeks. Sunday and Monday wasn't as dramatic as the days fore but my rings were so tight. I called and got in yesteday with my GP. My blood pressure was 140/83 my norm. No major weight gain. He noticed mild adema in my face and legs. Did a urine culture came back in and asked if I felt I had a UTI. I have had many many over the years I just had one a few months ago so I know what they are all about. No I do not feel I have a UTI. He said he saw white blood cells and wanted to check kidney function.

My last appt with my Rhuematologist we talked about Lupus Nephritis. We talked about adding Celcept to my medications. Currently 400mg plaqinel and baby asprin. I also take zoloft as I suffer from anxeity and panic attacks. She was waiting on a biposy result I had 1987. I did get a copy and it was suggestive of SLE back then but I had no positive ANA I was 13. I was in a nephratic (?) state for a long time I was on high doses of prednisone. They talked of chemo but dad said no i guess as they never did it. My dad needs lessons on caring for children by the way.

My first set of labs showed my C4 was low at 8.8butC3 was normal but on the low normal 97.3. My egfr was 70. My results from last weeks tests I had them drawn the second day of my swelling. C4 was 9 and C3 was 85. My egfr was 67.63. Urine showed some red blood cells yesterdays dip stick test in the officce showed white blood cells. Creatine was 1.04 just barley above normal. I am pretty sure she will add celccept next week. I am still tired. A few hours of shopping yesterday left me napping for an hour and half yesterday. This is not my norm. I am just a bit confused and anxious for next week. Is this a flare??? Thanks so much.