Nice to "meet" you all and join these forums, I hope to learn a lot from you all in the time following and maybe I can even spread some knowledge of my own (i hope).


In late September my hair fell out, (gorgeous dreadlocks I had nurtured for almost 4 years) but I thought it was due to stress from a crappy job and bullying at school.

Early October, I had woken up with a locked elbow that stayed locked for days my mom urged me to get bloodwork done and even though I thought she was trippin I did. My old physician had been transferred and a slightly rude, sassy, skeptical but (admittedly) smart doctor ordered the work. These tests showed the positive/high ANA and i was referred to a rheumy.

Throughout October, my symptoms become more obvious so I investigate what ANA's imply and lupus appears to be the culprit. All my friends are skeptical, because I do have a reputation as a drama queen. But I can feel myself getting sicker, the pain, stiffness, memory fog, water retention, fatigue, locking joints start showing up.

Late November, was the soonest I could see my rheumy for an eval/treat and she ordered more bloodwork but started off with a diagnosis of UCTD and started me on plaquenil (2, 200mg tablets daily).

December 17th, I call in and get a call the same day from rheumy confirming Lupus. She says it's active, needs to be monitored closely but has not affected my kidneys (proved by my awesome urine :hehe.

I joined this site to learn more about the illness that's going to stick with me for life.

I can't be ignorant because I want a lot out of life and that's never going to change.

I have a right to be happy and no excuse to let anything stand in the way of my completing my education, advancing that education, getting a job, helping the family that raised me and starting a family of my own.

It's on Lupus, Oh...it's on.

-Chillin, stress-killin and fulfillin.