Tgal: I most certainly will once the medical records open up from the holidays. I learned early in the game, the best keeper of your medical history is yourself. I have a personal binder of all test results I've had done that I take with me to appointments-which has helped tremendously

-magistramarla: thank you, I myself have pcos & have had cysts & fibroids. I'm pretty familiar with gynecological pain. Since discovering I have APS my gyno keeps a pretty close eye on me (actually whom first suggested I had an autoimmune disease after my second appointment with him) and we go in for hcg testing/us every month (have had etopoic I'm the past along with multiple miscarriages) because we've been trying for about 18 months to get pg with no luck so far.

Jmail: they were the lowest I've ever had but didn't realize how low until recently. Supposedly your not suppose to be discharged if your below 90. None too comforting, because I have a lot of lung involvement and history of PEs. St alexian is one they suggested, not where I was-I've been in the past it's actually a pretty decent hospital! My pcp usually does a bang up job at stepping up. He's told off more ER drs than I can count honestly lol my husband & I think that's why he waited there for us so they'd take it seriously. A few trips before an ER physician had discharged me under the dx of constipation when actually my kidneys began to go into mega failure & had to be started on dia in the hospital by my pcp. One of the many times he's reemed someone out! Lol I'm sorry that happened for you, Unless you hit a great one, ERs seem to only be good if your shot or having a heart attack! Lol

My appt got bumped to tomorrow, fingers still crossed we get answers. The pain has only gotten worse over the past few days & I'm about to go out of my head! :-/