First off ill start this out by saying, that I have many renal issues...that being said leads into my curiosity about kidney stones.

For almost 5 years I've had non stop stones (they tell me it's attributed to extremely high uric acid, low citric acid & high calcium levels in my urine). I've been on renal stone preventative diets, I've cut out salt & high protein foods, I've upped my citric intake (including being on citrak). I have been through more cystoscopies, uteroscopoies (sp), lithotripsies & stents than I can count. Right now my going rate at most a month and a half (fun, I know). However, there's something odd that's got my attention.

I've had stones of all shapes and sizes, in both the right and left kidney. However, for the past 6-8 months there has been two "stones" in the same location despite all the procedures, and every ultra sound they increase in size. I know Sometimes repeat lithos and flushing is needed to concur those stones, but looking at yet another on the 27th (over the 5th go round with these two) shouldn't they be moving/diminishing, doing something besides staying where they are and increasing in size?

It didn't strike me as odd until the very large stone I also had in the same kidney is now gone from the last litho, but these are not.

My doctor has begun to become overly concerned but fails to tell me why. He's even given me his own personal home number incase anything "happens" when he's not on call or he's on vacation (which the last litho he actually came back early from vacation so he could be present). I'm hoping its being overly cautious due to my lupus related renal problems-but he's just my urologist not my nephrologist & I can't help but feel like I'm not picking up on some missing puzzle piece. None of this really hit me until we were in office yesterday for an ultrasound (I'm at unsafe level for cts/X-rays/mris) when the usually bubbly tech who tells us then & there what she sees first gasped and covered her mouth and said "oh. My. God" but she wouldn't tell us what, then as I was getting dressed she grabbed my hand & looked at both my husband & I and said "I'm so sorry". Neither of us understood so I asked "it's more kidney stones right" and she replied wearing the same grim face "oh there's stones honey but..." And trailed off. I asked her what but what meant and she informed me she would be giving my dr the report as soon as he got out of his meeting, she thinks he should have it before he left for vacation. My husband asked what I thought it was about-I honestly had no clue. Then about 8pm well after the office was closed a nurse called me and told me I need to come in the 26th to see his partner (whom I don't like) I asked if I could wait till my reg dr got back in office & she told me he wouldn't be back till the 7th and he doesn't want me to wait. And that he's noted another litho possibly for the 27th. Unhappily I agreed. Before hanging up she told me to monitor how I feel, and if anything seems off call the office right away that his partner will be in all week.

It's a bit unsettling. But really the only thing I've noticed is the pain from the us (normal for me) and prior just the normal large amount of blood in my urine. No pain like when I've had polynephritis or renal reflux etc. heck the stones aren't even really bothering me!

Anyways it's a lot of rambling, but like I said my suspect is the two "stones" and I'm wondering if other things can appear to be stones that really aren't?