hi all,

i, and it seems that many of you can relate, have been overwhelmingly tired, run down, and catching every virus that anyone within ten miles of me has. i've run test after test with my PCP/rheum, and an ID doctor (to further rule out things). my ANA titer remains high and consistent, which troubles my doctor, but none of the other markers that would show Lupus in my body have come up.

i guess i just want to connect with people who can tell me what their symptoms are, what changes they notice in themselves, and anything else you wish you knew when you were starting on your journey.

i know everyone has a different story. this is a little about whats going on with me:

i get super, overwhelmingly tired out of nowhere, no matter how much sleep i had the night before. is that common?
i have no energy.
i have a decreased appetite. i feel like food doesn't taste as good... but that could just be the lack of appetite talking.
my lymphs in my neck/throat are super swollen.
i've also run a low grade fever a few times over the last few months.
i also feel like i've been extremely sensitive to cold weather. i don't know if this has anything to do with anything.
my ASO titer is also high.

i just started Plaquenil today. hoping it helps.
i went for an eye-exam before starting it and my eye doctor mentioned that my eyes are a little dry, which i know is also a symptom.

any light you care to shine on your experience is greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance!