Hi everyone,

So since I started having tests for and was diagnosed with lupus (about 1 and a half years ago) I have always had an ANA that appears on my results as positive homogenous 1:640. To my knowledge it's never shifted, never improved with meds, just stayed there. However, recently I requested a copy of some recent blood results from an old GP i saw once back in Australia. She'd told me everything was ok (apart from some vit deficencies) but I'd requested a copy for the nutritionist I've been seeing and alongside the usual ANA result was:

** POSITIVE Nucleolar Pattern (Titre 1:640)

An antibody to a cytoplasmic antigen has been detected.

Suggest anti-smooth muscle and anti-mitochondrial antibodies if

clinically indicated.

Also suggest anti-ENA antibodies to exclude Jo-1 if not already

requested. **

Can anyone help explain this please? Not got a rheumy yet here in NZ...need to get a referral!