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Thread: Back after a long break

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    Default Back after a long break

    Well, here I am, It seems I take these long breaks and then come check in on everyone. Seems like there are a lot of new faces, and most of the old ones are still here, thank goodness.

    I'm still fighting on, dealing with Lupus, and trying to lessen the load as far as stress is concerned. Not having any luck there. I changed jobs because the old one was about to kill me with stress and fatigue just from the job alone, then add Lupus and you get a recipe for being sick and tired all the time. No fun, no life. So, I decided to move to a job that should have been less stress, a more positive environment. Not so much. I took a pay cut to come over, and was promised full time. After seven months they gave the two full time positions that came along to a former employee wanting to come back and a part timer that has openly stated he is not planning to be here past summer. The reason I didn't get either position was that I played up my 14 years of experience in the field, relating mostly to what I had done at my former job since I had only been off training here for a month, rather than the way the other two focused on their experiences here. So, then I find out that not only am I stuck at being part time until something else possibly comes along, and at the lower pay scale, but, with Obama care, I will not be able to pick up any more hours, I was picking up enough to make 40 hours. If I go over 30 they will have to pay for health insurance for me, and they don't want to do that for part timers. So, now I am down 10 hours a week plus the pay cut, plus no benefits.

    Can you say stress?

    Does it get worse? Yes it does.

    If I end up having to go on disability for whatever reason that Lupus might hand me, it will be a percentage of this lower pay instead of the full time pay I was getting at the old job or could be getting at this job.

    Sigh. I just wanna crawl under a rock.

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    I find it interesting that you are the 2nd person I have heard say that a company said "we can't go over 30 hours because of Obama care". Long before Obama Care, at multiple companies, I know we had to watch employee hours because anything over 32 was considered full time which meant full time benefits. I the company gave health care to full time employees that included anyone over 32 hours.

    Sounds to me like there may have been quite a few companies breaking the rules that won't be able to anymore

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    Thank you for explaining that Tgal, I was just about to. There really has been no significant change in that area due to Obama's health care plan. That particular rule has been in place since long before Obama was even a Senator, so his plan has not changed that rule. As Tgal mentioned, the big change is that companies are not able to get away with not paying those benefits anymore..and that is a good thing.

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    Yes, it really bothers me when those companies start blaming this on the ACA. They have been doing it for years - it's nothing new.
    My daughter was working for Best Buy. They hired her with the promise that she would be full time in six months. She was doing the job of an assistant floor manager without the designation or the benefits of that job. The six months stretched to nine, then twelve months. Finally, they hired a guy as a full-timer for that position, giving her the excuse that they couldn't give her set hours to pick up her child from school - they needed someone who could always be at their beck and call. She also has a business degree, which the young man did not have.
    She decided to go back to her previous passion, teaching pre-school. She put out her resume, and had three offers the next day.
    She's now happily teaching two-year-olds, and she will have full benefits as of Jan 1 - insurance and vacation time.

    As a consumer, I've started seeking out information about the business practices of the companies that I buy from, including how they treat their employees.
    I'm just one person, but now I'm making sure that I spend my money with companies that have good business practices. This includes what I buy at the grocery store. It doesn't take long to read labels and google the business.
    Maybe if more of us did this, the businesses might get the message.

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