So I just got off the phone with SS main office again-I was too afraid to ignore the letter. My denial letter was just for SSI and my disability claim is pending with the board-has been since the 23rd of October. The guy I talked to today was very helpful. He said it isn't actually an appeal like the other guy said. I submitted the release they needed and once they received that the process could progress. That an appeal is based on being denied by determination of not being physically disabled-a denial by lack of paper work, is not a sealed denial. The other man I'd originally spoken to hadn't put anything in about the address change-he told me that alone was worth me making the phone call because its a huge factor in getting approved. He said they have until Feb 20, 2013 to make a decision & that between now & then I should receive a determination. If I do not, then I need to contact them again promptly. He also said that the longer they take means they're extensively collecting my records and ups my chance of acceptance. So I guess for now, I wait some more:-/

And it is crazy to have to do those things-sad to have admit it, but I understand its necessity for us in this system. For me, I'm sadly a ER frequent flier so they can dig as much as they want! Lol there's more incidents than they could shake a stick at lol