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Thread: Question regarding disability & SSI

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    Question Question regarding disability & SSI

    First off: back in June I finally caved in and applied for disability. My doctors had recommended I apply for over a year-but I guess I'm too stubborn/proud to admit when things are too much for me. Anyways-so I applied in June and received a denial letter in September stating that I did not sign the release to collect medical records (which I did) and in the comment section I wrote I had questions pertaining to an address change soon to come. Before my denial I'd also tried contacting my local office-leaving about a dozen messages to no avail. The day I received the denial I again called my local office countless times in the same day-I was able to leave one voice message on my third to last call-because the person's mailbox was full. Frustrated I called the main number also on the denial letter & after an hr on hold was finally connected to a gentlemen who didn't understand my denial. He told me to appeal it vs reapplying because-reapplication increases your chances of a second denial and if I appealed they would have to back pay from my original application date. He told me to fill out for my original address on the application and when I'm approved I fill out this certain form to then change my address. He sent me the appeal papers & told me I needed to turn them in by October 17th (about 2 weeks).

    So I filled out the paperwork-adding the new conditions it asked for. I again denied I wanted to apply for early social security & that I was only applying for disability. Two days after contacting the head office-my local office contacted me. The woman was extremely snippy with me-borderline yelling saying I had "ample opportunity to appeal" and that she was the one who personally found me "under qualified to deserve disability". Her anger got worse after I informed her I'd already spoken to the main office for disability and he was sending me appeal papers, and the date I was to submit them by. Her response to that was "well we will see how that plays out" and that was the end of our discussion.

    After speaking to her, I dreaded going down to their office to submit the paper work, but I did. The head desk was really pleasant and I asked all the same questions I'd asked the main office gentleman & explained what he'd said. He agreed it should be no problem & confirmed I needed my original address on the first application.

    So I waited. And waited. Then last week I received a letter denying SSI income stating I didn't apply. At first I assumed this was the early social security-because my other letter clearly stated disability. And after looking online it explained the difference. The letter declared I had until December 16 to appeal this decision.

    So my question is: is this denial for social security or disability?

    This whole process has made me so nervous, I'm not sure if I should contact the main office again or not-because on their site it says not to contact unless its been over 2-3 months from your appeal. But I'm afraid to miss my appeal timeline. If this is for disability I know I should seek out a legal representative, I'm just not sure how that works & if I should start looking into that now. Since I didn't resume work In August, it's been a struggle on only one paycheck, which only adds to all this confusion & chaos.

    Thank you for any help anyone can provide
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