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Thread: Anxiety vs Lupus

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    Default Anxiety vs Lupus

    How can you tell the difference between feeling ill from lupus and the general feelings of anxiety? I probably have both going on at times and the symptoms really seem to overlap: fatigue, nausea, tingling, ringing in ears, etc... It is a horrible combination to have anxiety and actually have something serious to be anxious about!

    Does anyone have any good ways to deal with the anxiety? I used to find that exercise helped me a lot but now if I do much, I get sicker. Maybe when I get out of a flare I can return to it.

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    I am in the same boat as U Nicole. It is terrible feeling I agree..I have all the symptoms you have..I also have what they think is bipolar disorder but I am now thinking its part of lupus..Its been affecting me mentally..I am having alot of anger I never had before, anxiety, mind stays fogged more times than not..I cant work cause I have no focus anymore and I have recently applied for full state disability. I am a nurse and is difficult to accept this because when I was working I felt so smart and on top of the world..Now I feel I am worthless. I am on cymbalta and that helps some with my depression but not alot..I am going to doc tomorrow to get more meds..I try watching tv or laying and deep breathing when I feel myself getting helps some but not much..I feel Prayer helps more than anything..We will get better it just takes awhile..Exercise is good but who feels like that when you r sick and in a flare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
    ......fatigue, nausea, tingling, ringing in ears, etc....
    these symptoms are also common with lupus.
    they are also side effects from some of our medications.

    may i suggest going to see your doctor.

    many of us use medication that was origionally prescribed for another ailment.
    plaquenil was origionally for malaria
    methotrexate was for cancer in babies
    cellcept was for organ transplants

    many of us use antideppressants, not because we are depressed....
    but because this type of medication helps our brain to work properly.

    quite a few of us are also depressed.... so we need it for that as well.
    i actually use 2 different types, to get the correct balance.
    not all antidepressants are the same....
    if one does not work properly for you, or has bad side effects....
    see your doctor again and change types.

    i hope this helps, as it made a lot of difference to me, and quite a few others on here.

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    Cognitive Behavioral therapy can also be incredibly effective for dealing with anxiety.

    Definitely talk to your doctor and get the anxiety treated, because the stress from it can make your disease symptoms much worse.

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    Ditto for both posts above.
    "There but for the grace of God, go I."
    "... His mercy endureth for ever."

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