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Thread: Blood cell casts appears in the urine!help !

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    Question Blood cell casts appears in the urine!help !

    Hello ,everyone.So happy to find this place !
    I am 26 years old female, I got lupus two years ago.At that time, I was very mild case,just take three month medication and all results were turn to normal.I am a normal person these two years, I did not have any symptom and I did not take any medication. However, since the doctor thought I might not have lupus,I begin to relax in my efforts. Very bad life style make me get Lupus agian 15days ago. This time,the doctor said the SLE already affected my kidney.
    My god!!I am so regret !!!Tommorw I will do kidney biopsy,because the doctor just find some casts in my urine!Is there anyone have the same situation with me ? I am so confused because when I took 40 dose predsoine this time, the symptom was getting better,and i have 2+protein and 1+blood cell,but why today,they find casts?is it getting worse? I am afraid to see the kidney biopsy !casts means very bad ???Help~

    Thanks for listening


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    Hi Molly, and first of all, "welcom to WHL forums". Sorry you're having the troubles you are right now. My kidneys are also getting hit again, not real "strong", but it is getting bothersome. I had issues with my kidneys years ago, and hadn't had to worry about them for a few years. The lupus found other things to attack, like the lungs. sigh... Anyway, I didn't take very good care of myself through my twenties and thirties (or teen years, for that matter), and I'm paying for it now. But that's then, this is now. Symptoms can wax and wane for any number of reasons, and don't always follow what we might like to think of as "normal". You might have damage in the kidneys, but not have it show in the urine itself for days. Likewise with the blood. And the lab that the work is done at can also affect things. Keep up with your meds, and be sure and consult with your docs about your symptoms. In the meantime, try to relax about it all, and not worry until you need to. It'll usually take a few days to get test results back from a biopsy. Even if you do have issues, there are other treatments available that can help a person lead a near-normal life. You do have to take care of yourself though, and there's no time like the present to get going on it (says the kettle to the pan)...
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    welcome to whl . i also have trouble with kidney only filtering at 55 percent so have had to adjust diet an increase exercise which is hard. i was shocked and worried to. i have to be retested in a few weeks just to see if they are still holding at 55 percent.

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