Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and newly diagnosed. This has been a long battle and I don't know what to make of it now. My husband is Navy, so I've never had a Dr. for very long to become interested in my symptoms, or I've moved and the persons didn't put my results in my chart making me have to start from scratch. It's been very frustrating and I started to question my sanity. Even though my mother has Chrone's, my sister lupus, my grandmother with both, I've been told that I have two kids and I have stress. Boy I wish there was a hair pulling emoticon! Never mind I had positive ANA's Dr.'s said were "viral caused." Never mind that I've been battling anemia for as long as I can remember. Never mind I was the only kid in elementary school who was allowed to wear sunglasses because I would get migraines from the sun. Can you tell the frustration yet? lol
Anyways, I finally found a great dr that has taken an interest.
I think I have a much milder case than my sister because my ANA was 1:80 and RF 1: 160 this last time I was checked, but the double strand thing came back positive so I guess that settles that it's not in my head.
Well thank you for letting me vent my coming out so to speak! It's been more like an acceptance by the medical people more than if anything. My family and I have always known, but what could they do?