I know I can't change the past and I know dwelling over it does no good but still I am angry. I sent for some records for my new Dr to look at. I recieved them yesterday. I was looking through them and was horrified to see I had tested positive for Anti-cardiolipin antibodies in 1998. I am PISSED! I have had 5 miscarriges and the loss of my son at 4 days old. Years of feeling like I was bleeding to death during my menstual cycle to the point where I had a hystorectomy a year and half ago and still they couldn't explain my nasty cycles. HMM maybe had someone looked at the test results. I even went to a fertilty clinic in the same hospital and still no one bothered to check. We were labled un explained infertlity. IUI's and IVF failed.

I was offically DX'd with Antiphospholipd Syndrom about 6 months ago. Oh how my life has been altered not by God but stupid Dr's!!!