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Thread: What is your flare protocol?

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    Question What is your flare protocol?

    I'm looking for advice and information...last night I had my first full-on flare since I was diagnosed and have been getting treatment. (I lost my hearing in one ear to autoimmune stuff back in April, but I didn't feel bad then, other than the loss of hearing).

    I don't know what triggered it - could have been one or a combination of a few things...I guess it doesn't really matter, other than trying to avoid them again, which I will (I had a nasty fall on the back steps - dang frost! Aaaand I accidentally ate stuff with milk in it, and the weather changes, and I had a late night, etc...).

    ANYHOO - it started with a headache yesterday about mid-day, and by 8pm I was a mess...I just CRASHED. Full-on flu (without the fever) - you know the feeling - epic fatigue, achy all over, brain fog like crazy, can't regulate body temp, swollen finger joints/clumsy as all get-out, etc. I was flat-out on the couch, and thinking I'd have to go to the E.R. if it got any worse, just because I was wondering what on earth would make be feel so horrible when I'd felt excellent 9 hours before. (Duh....LUPUS/SJS!)

    I ended up taking my Methotrexate one day early, and that DID help....hard to believe taking poison could make you feel BETTER, but it really did help. And then I slept 11 hours, and today A BIT better, but not a lot. I ended up taking Ibuprofen twice during the day, which I know is not good with the Mtx, but I had to take SOMEthing!!!!

    So WHAT DO YOU DO when you have a flare?

    I know I should have called my doc and gone in, but I had to work and my MIL flew into town this afternoon so I had to go get her at the airport, etc. I have had little "mini-flares" where I felt cruddy for a few days here and there, but nothing like this. I really CRASHED last night. Sucks to be reminded of how bad this stuff can be.

    I will call the doc and go in, but I also kind wanted to know how you guys cope with you have medication that you take immediately to deal with it? Do you always go in to the doc?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated....thanks.
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