Hello all,

I've been away for a while and toying with the idea of coming back to ask you all for some advice. I'm petrified of being a hypochondriac (because I know I can be one) and don't want to worry over every tiny symptom but there is one in particular that is bugging me.

I'm struggling with shortness of breath and have been for a couple of months. I can take a big full clean deep breath of air in whenever I want...but I just don't feel like I'm getting enough oxygen in. Even when I am rested I feel breathless, especially when I lay down which is bizarre. When I physically exert myself (which doesn't seem to take much at the minute) I get very breathless and feel a heavy pain in the centre/left (it's had to pin point) of my chest that spreads up to my bottom front teeth. It feels like a muscle is pulling under my tongue. It's not a stabbing pain in my chest, definitely not the worst pain in the world, but a heaviness...a pressure or pulling.

I read an article in a magazine by chance that mentioned some of my symptoms. The article was about angina, so being a hypochondriac I have instantly started to consider my heart. I have never had organ involvement with my SLE, just joints/skin etc.

Anyone experienced the same? Any advice? Is it "just another lupus thing?"