Well it's official I have SLE. I go back in six weeks she debated on weather to add more drugs to regeim. Currently I am on 400mg Plaquinel and baby asprin for APS. She was thinking about adding cellcept. I have been on Plaquinel for 5-6 months we both agreed to wait 6 weeks to see if the plaquinel makes a difference with some the skin issues I have been having (purpura rash) it seems in the past month they are appearing less frequently. I have been having some type of hive or something she looked at it today and said "that's lupus". If I continue with the itchy rashes and or more purpura she will add cellcept. I'd rather not take extra drugs if I don't have too. There is some or a lot of confusion with some of my records so she is wanting to get all the straightend out. Also trying to locate a biposy of my kidney from like 1987. She is thinking that's when it started. I feel overwhelmed and a bit mad. I asked my old Rhuem if it was or could be Lupus he say's oh no no no way is it lupus. Whatever!!! On a good note my pulmonary function test was good still up in the air on the hematocrit being high but again some records she needs.