My rheumy recently prescribed Plaquenil to me and I'm more than a little hesitant to actually start taking it. I've read the literature he gave me and spoken to someone I know that's been taking it for a while.....however, she's so scared of Plaquenil's side effects that she doesn't quite seem to get what exactly I'm asking her, lol, and I have to admit that after reading the pamphlet I can understand why.

I suppose what I'd like to know....from those who have taken it for a while....DOES IT WORK and WHAT SORT OF SIDE EFFECTS HAVE YA'LL EXPERIENCED? Also, in your experience, has it aleviated your symptoms....and what sort of symptoms has it really helped to aleviate?

I know that each person's experience and/or reaction may be quite different, however I'm hoping that most folk's reactions/experiences will be close enough so that I can at least be somewhat prepared once I get over being a big chicken and actually start taking it.

Any input is much appreciated!!!