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Thread: Have Lupus? There's an App for that...

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    A recent news article applauds the Lupus Foundation of America for donating $23 million dollars to researchers across the US conducting studies which will "fill in the gaps" on needed Lupus research. My favorite one?

    "Miriam Kaufman, M.D.
    Hospital for Sick Children
    Toronto Ontario, Canada

    "Creation of a Mobile Application to Support Self-Management"

    This is the Lucy Vodden Research Grant Award, established by the Lupus Foundation of America and Julian Lennon. This research aims to develop a mobile application to help young people with lupus to manage their own care, improve tracking of symptoms, and improve the quality of communications with their treating team.

    Neuropsychiatric Lupus Grant Award (For research on manifestations of lupus within central or peripheral nervous system)"

    The doctor even shares my first name!!! This *app* was meant for me! <3
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    Man... I was hoping that "app" was already there... lol
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    I saw that this was an older thread. Apparently there are now a few different "apps" available on the android market if anyone is interested. Not sure what iPhones have available to them. I have not tried any. Just looked it up after reading this thread cuz I was curious.

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