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Thread: Fatigue, how do you manage?

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    Default Fatigue, how do you manage?

    Hello Everyone!

    I recently had a flare from my SLE and ofcourse went to a few doctors. Apparently I now have fibromyalgia too. Yippie. So I haven't been sleeping well. Real fit full. I go from dead asleep to wide awake.

    My rheumatologist has me on Lyrica now as well as the plaquinel and tramadol and etodolac and to be honest, I'm more pooped then usual.

    I think the stress is keeping me awake. But 3 of the 4 drugs I take daily cause drowsiness so I'm dead tired all the time.

    We all have lives and jobs or kids...How are you functioning?

    My doctor keeps telling me to work out which will help with the enormous weight gain but that makes me hurt. I tried coffee which I despise and my blood pressure was up on my last visit to 146/80.

    I'm frustrated. I'm tired. And more moody than life itself.

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