Hey Gang

It's been a while since I've posted here although I do pop in from time to time to read through how everyone is doing but it's been a busy old time for me. I recently gave birth to baby number three (and last as they've told me not to have any more thanks to my Lupus which I'm completely fine with). I ended up on crutches for most of my pregnancy and using a wheelchair for grocery shopping expeditions due to SPD pain and in the last few weeks some hip pain on the right side.
It's been almost four months since giving birth and I've had one set of bloods done about two months after the birth which showed all my levels as normal (although most of my bloods have always been normal even with my diagnosis of SLE a few years back) but now I'm getting really worred and upset with my stupid broken body and wondered if anyone else has a similar issue?

If I try to jog, even one step, my right hip completely gives way beneath me. It's as though I just suddenly don't even own a leg on that side anymore, it's gone. Tonight I was crossing the street and didn't judge the speed of a car coming along the road very well and had to move faster to make sure I got out the way but the moment I did, bam, goodbye hip and working leg. I almost fell flat on my face and if I had the car would have run right over the top of me (didn't help it was dark either of course). At night I'm also kept mostly awake because of massive pain in my back, my pelvis, my hips and my rib cage. I can't even sit up to grab the alarm from the bottom of the bed anymore and sleep with the alarm in my hand instead. My husband has had to help me out of bed some mornings and I'm so frustrated.

I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow anyway but wondered if anyone else has a similiar problem or if I'm looking at some after birth/lingering SPD problem?

Thanks for letting me vent and hope you're all having a pain free day today!

Numpt xxxx