Thank you, at first we too were worried about medication induced seizures, because it started two days after the er had given me a mega dose of toradol & found out that toradol could cause seizures. But at the same time, this had started back when I was 16 and there after- before I had a slew of medicines I was on. After my neurologist apt today (the same office I'd seen ten yrs ago) they went over quite a bit with me-my history, my EEG, some of my family's accounts over the years (things they'd never brought up to me until today) etc. He told me my diagnosis is now a form of epilepsy- a type of "Uncontrolled Seizure Disorder". That of as of today I need to "protect my brain" at all costs, and instructed some of my family that came with that if my seizures last longer than 3-5 mins they are to promptly call 911 that its very possible for me to slip into a coma state or worse complications that result in death (yeah kinda got scary at that point). He wasnt seriously intense besides that, thankfully. So as of right now I'm started on a drug called "lamictal" and "neuronton". I have to come back in a month and in the meantime get an MRI and some bw done. He said sometimes it takes awhile to get just the right med and dosage to make seizures livable, and after talking the neurton over-I hate taking more pills than I need-he agreed I could start with one, but he'd like to see me make my way up to 3xs per day.

I know I should be happy to have answers, possibly something to regain control...but at the same time it feels as if its another mark against me. Namely because isn't allowing me to drive for at least 6 months and isn't sure if the state of IL will allow me to renew my drivers license now he's made this diagnosis...which for me is the biggest blow of all. I guess I'm just fed up of being told what I can't do, or losing what I could.