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    Sleep dep test is different from a sleep study, and it is a "full" EEG. I mis-read what you "said" above. They want you tired for the sleep dep test, which will help you to be "on the brink" of wanting to sleep when they test. That helps with the results. It should take a bit over an hour to do, dependant upon what all they test. They'll do audio & visual "stimulation" (among other things) and record your brain's reaction. The tech that does the test can't tell you anything about the results, but most places have them "read" by a neuro within 24 hours usually, tho some places are lax, and it can take days to get a test "read". When did they schedule you for? Are you going to a neuro's office, or out-patient at a hospital? When I did my first test (back in the days of graph paper needle and ink machines), I did an 8am test, and had done an MRI at 6am at the same hospital. I wasn't sleeping too good anyway, so the "deprivation" part of it was easy... tic
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