Recently, my right hip has started hurting.
It greatly limits my mobility with how I walk, sit, and even lay down to sleep now and this is starting to affect my whole leg with the positions I need to place my hip in to make it less painful.
I didn't do anything to irritate my leg, it's not even the leg that has been previously injured.

I'm just concerned because the doctors I've seen said I have extreme tendonitis in all of my joints that they could see, but this leg has always felt a little 'off'. It's always been more rigid than my left leg, if I want to lift my leg to go onto my other leg I always had to pretty much put it there myself unlike my left leg.

The pain is always there now, but much more painful when I have my foot pointing straight up.
I never use to walk funny, my foot placement and balance as always been rather good.

So does anyone else have hip pain with Lupus, if so did anyone figure out it was something more than just tendonitis like dyspepsia or anything like that?
I'm a 21 year old woman, for age and gender references.