Hi all. Haven't been posting a lot lately. Off plaquenil for visit to teaching hospital soon, not feeling great, and having problems in personal life that make me not so cheerful. So, just not been up to socializing, on the internet or otherwise. But I do read posts, and hope you all are well!

Anyway, yesterday, I had to run for about five minutes to make a very tight flight connection. I didn't think much of it, but for the whole flight, my chest burned, and I could not stop coughing. That has gone away. I figure it was probably some sort of bronchospasm caused by the exertion (I don't exert all that much these days).

For the rest of the day, I was okay, but woke up this morning and holy crap-- I can't even walk normal. I just sort of shuffle. My legs are in such pain. Pain like when you've run for miles and miles the day before and the next day you're sore. But worse. And I barely jogged for five minutes. Is this something people have experienced related to inflammatory/AI disease? I've never had such a terrible next-day impact from such low-level exercise, even when I've been out of shape. Oy.