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I just want to second what tgal has said here..I have always worn glasses and contacts so went for my routine eye exam the other day. They found swelling of my optic nerve by looking the digital retinal image and did a couple of extra tests. Thankfully it is not severe enough to have caused any vision issues and the ophthalmologist is happy to leave it at that as long as I mention it to my rheumy on my next visit and get in contact if I notice any changes at all to my vision.

It's important to go, whether you need prescription lenses or not. The eyes give so much away. My brothers kidney failure was picked up by a routine eye exam - who'd have thought it! It's especially important for those of us taking plaq & pred (although I don't think my opthalmologist understood the relevance of plaq as she called me back in 2 years for my general exam...i pointed out that I should see her sooner as I'm taking plaq & pred and she said I can pop back in 1 year for a general eye health check - pressure testing etc - if I would like. Yes i would like!!!)

So please, everyone go, it's worth 30 mins just to know whats going on.
You need a new doc! For those of us taking Plaq. we need to see the eye doc at least once a year but most eye specialists suggests 6 months. After finding optic nerve swelling they are requiring me to come back in 3 months to check on it since it can cause irreversible vision loss.

Just my thought on the matter. I completely agree with your thoughts on everything else!