Hello all, am glad to find the site.
I have been diagnosed for 19 yrs.
I considered my self lucky only having joint pains, hair falling out and huge water retention in my legs, I had the blisters in the roof of my mouth too.
I haven't been on prednisone for about 10 yrs, I call it Jekyll and Hyde meds! I have been able to manage the odd flare with Naproxen. Not this time! I found no relief and had to resort to the dreaded drug.
I have had new symptoms and feel like a mess, but of course, look 'great' doing it!
Was surfing and found you here. It is a relief, since I have no friends with lupus and grew tired of the tiny support group in my town, they were getting way to 'out there' for me.
I do believe in divine healing, it's in God's time though, so basicly His will.
Hope to chat with some of you soon.