went to my doctor last Friday for my all around check up. test results came back today- I have beginning stage cirrhosis. I rarely drink, I don't have hepatitis anything, I don't smoke. I lead a boring life (with the exception of an unasked for drama now and again) and yet, I have cirrhosis. Alrighty then. I laughed in the general direction of dear doc when she could figure out why I have it. So I asked: does having an autimmune disease possibly be a factor? well, yes, yes it could. WELL THERE YA GO- THANK YOU LUPUS. She wanted originally to attribute it to weight gain (granted I need to loose a pound or several, but I'm not guinness book of records obese, I can still shop in the "normal" size departments for petes sake!). Anyhow, so our plan of attack? Diet and exercise, ah yes, the "cure all". Better than drugs that cure one thing but kill something else right? I guess the good news is that I had already started down the path of clean living recently. Gave up ALL alcohol (as of this morning...), haven't had a soda in almost a year, taking my vitamins, blah blah blah. And yes, started drinking my "homemade hooch" aka KOMBUCHA WHICH is a detoxifier. So now my dear husband will undoubtedly spend way too many hours on the computer researching cirrhosis and he'll bombard me with texts (yeah, he loves me...)