Hi, I found this website few weeks ago and I so happy I did it. I was diagnose with lupus during my first pregnancy, 25 years ago. Been very bless and have 3 boys now, they did born premature but healthy. I had my ups and downs but I don't remember a day without pain, sometimes in my knees, elbows, wrist, chest, etc. been in all kinds of pain killers, but recent I start having problems with my kidney, so I have some limitations on what kind of pain pills to take but so far the one I'm taking is kind of working. Last year I had left knee replacement and is no the same but I can walk. Now I'm having problems with my left elbow, the orthopedic doctor said RA is really bad and there are only 2 options: elbow replacement (but I won't be able to lift more than 5 pounds) that wouldn't be good because i still working, other option is elbow fusion (no restrictions about lifting but won't be able to bend my elbow). hope no one had that problem, but if you had or know anything about, some advice will be really appreciated.