I am yet undiagnosed with a rheumatic AI but am in the process of being tested (by my GP) after years of dismissing symptoms to "getting older" and unlucky genetics. I'm collecting all my past symptoms onto paper so I will be prepared to help a rheumatologist diagnose me, or push to see a rheumatologist if my tests aren't definitive.

Anyway, my question is: Does Raynaud's always have to involve a colour change when your toes and hands get cold?

I've had cold fingers and toes for decades and thought nothing of them; cold nose too... and sometimes bum (my backside, unfortunately, can be considered an extremity LOL). It's the type of cold that others can feel; I can chase my kids around the house with threats to touch their bare bellies with my fingers. If I sit at the computer f and they will run shrieking. If I sit down for an hour, my hands and feet get so cold, they will hurt a bit and it takes some time and effort to warm them up. At bedtime, I just assumed they were getting so cold because my bp drops and pulse slows, and I have a low bp and pulse as it is.

Anyways, I now know that this could be Raynaud's but I wonder because my hands never change colour and my feet only occasionally get a bit reddish. Thankfully my nose hasn't gone blue either... I've never checked if my (ahem) posterior extremity changed colour but I doubt it. LOL I live in western Canada near the Rockies so it's cool to cold here about 8 months of the year but weather can't always be the cause of my coldness. It's unseasonably warm today, already up to about 20C but I've been sitting at the computer for 45 minutes and my fingers are cold and my toes are starting to ache.

Thanks for any insights you can offer.

Could that be a symptom of Raynaud's?