I don't wear shorts anymore outside of my house. Even in the 100 plus degree heat I am too self conscious. The funny thing is that I was self conscious about the fact about the weight I have put on since the meds (especially the steroids) and the fact that my legs are stark white because they never get to see the sun. I hadn't even thought about being concerned about the livedo reticularis! I am so used to seeing the purple designs on my legs that I just never thought about it!

So yesterday I was helping a friend make homecoming mums and it was so hot up there and I was exhausted (we have been making mums for about a week and a half) that I decided to wear shorts. Who was going to see me, right? Of course her mother in law had to come up to help and she is a great woman. She has fibro so understands the fog and feeling bad. I made the comment about not wearing shorts in front of people or I wouldn't have had them on if I had known they were coming. She wrapped her arm around me and said " Oh don't worry about that. My legs look just like that except for the purple designs you have on yours". OMG! Why hadn't I thought of that before? Not only can I not wear shorts now I can't wear my capri type jeans (yes, they are one of those things I thought I would NEVER wear and are not really in style but it is my cool option) because now I will be worried about those "designs" on my legs. Yes, they are on my arms as well but they show up much worse on my legs.

I know I shouldn't worry about what people think but DANG