Hi everyone, I was diagnosed in July with Lupus. I don't feel as if I need to be put on a lot of medication at this point and generally I have always been cautious of using medications due to the side effects. However, I am on a NSAID due to my knees having fluid on them and my fingers swelling. I am currently just going to my GP but have been considering going to a specialist because although I really do like my GP, he doesn't seem to think my knees and fingers are a Lupus condition and I have read on line that the knees and hands are often targets of Lupus. I still have so many questions.

I am a mother of two wonderful sons; one is newly married and the other is a senior (I home school him). I have been married twenty five years and counting to the most amazing, understanding, and loving man. I am a director with a direct-selling company and a devout traditional Catholic. I don't know what else to say in this introduction....I would like to know if most everyone in this group goes to a specialist or if any use a GP and if so do you have any recommendations on how I can better communicate with him?