anyone out there care to reply. I am scared and feel very alone. single mother of four. Just diagnosed with Lupus w a postive homogenous pattern for lupus as well as positive ana. I have been ill for years. Pain and arthritic symptoms a part of my life for 8+ years. fatigue, skin lesions, lots of symtoms Im sure you have heard it all. However in and out of remission I can look back and now see but today im scared because my family doc has referred me to John Hopkins Lupus clinic. No appointment Yet ! waiting almost two monyhes just to hear about an apt. I quit smoking 3wk ago not because I wanted to but I am soo sick . Chest pains I feel like someone is sitting on me and I am tired in a different way . Not like the lupus fatigue I have had forever but like weird fatigue . Had ekg normal doctor thought maybe a stroke. ekg done week after onset of chest pains and incident where I shut rite hand in truck door left nside hand not working the same pain and let side hand weakness. scarry. I will have another mri next week+ echocardiogram and eeg. I feel like I am dying and thats weird because I have a high thresh hold for the chronic pain . I have been in a lot more pain may times but now just feel ill. any Idea. my family doc is old and Im afraid she is missing somthing while I wait for the specialist am I in danger ?