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Thread: Depression

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    I am on my cell and can't give you detailed info on your last post but I want to clear up something that I think is most likely the biggest issue for you. Yes, you can still have kids! Many people here have had kids after their diagnosis. You will have to be carefully monitored but you can still be a mom! Try not to freak out over all the stuff you read on the net. Much of it is wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOPEFULSOUL View Post
    1. can exercise decrease the edema in both my legs?
    - if you have edema, consult your doc about any exercise. Usually, exercise helps edema, but not always. Elevate your legs when you can. You have an excuse to take it easy..
    2. Is it true that i cant have any more kids? is it risky to get pregnant? will my kidney fail easier while pregnant?
    - see tgal & others' advice
    3. Are researchers researching a cure for lupus?
    - yes. just not fast enough for my patience... tic
    4. can i do vigorous exercise like normal people?
    If you have lupus, you shouldn't without doctor approval. Generally, the more exercise, the better, but lupies "exhaust" faster, and might "flare" from that
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    hi hopeful soul.
    sorry i am late in welcomming you, i have been off line for a couple of days.

    ladies with lupus can fall pregnant.
    we have a few ladies who are members here, that are going through the final stages of there pregnancy at the moment.
    we have a couple of members who have had two babies since being diagnosed.

    yes there is extra risks.
    yes there is a greater chance of loosing your baby.
    but yes you can still have a baby.
    please talk this over with your doctor.

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