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Thread: Not Yet Diagnosed But DS-DNA Ab Positive: Are Symptoms Right Around the Corner?

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    Default Not Yet Diagnosed But DS-DNA Ab Positive: Are Symptoms Right Around the Corner?

    My sister tested positive for ANA and for Anti-DS DNA Ab. Her DS DNA Ab is "only" 15, however. The reference range is 0-9, with 5-9 being equivocal and 0-5 as negative. Her doctor apparently repeated the test and it tested positive for DS DNA again at about the same level. She says she has no symptoms but I suspect she may not be being honest, since I know she at least has some fatigue symptoms. She'll be seeing a rheumatologist for the first time next month. So far, it's been her PCP.

    What kind of symptoms can you expect at this stage? Her ANA and DS DNA Ab turned positive only this Spring but she was never tested before. If your DS DNA is only in the teens, could you be asymptomatic, only seropositive?

    Also, is it true that DS DNA is associated with more serious SLE cases, especially those involving pulmonary and kidney infiltration, than other SLE antibodies like SSA/Ro or SSB/La? I know about Smith and RNP and how they're associated with kidney involvement. But my understanding is that those antibodies usually show up later, i.e., usually after either one of the Sjogren's or DS DNA turn positive.

    Also, she's been trying to get pregnant. Which leads me to believe she needs to be tested for anti-phospholipids. I know these are very hasty questions. But do you think it would be preferable for her to get pregnant now, when she has mild symptoms, than wait until her antibodies go up and increase the chance of miscarriage? Thanks for reading these questions, everyone.

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    Hi and welcome to WHL. First and foremost try and relax. There is no actual test for Lupus. Lupus is diagnosed when a combination of things happen. Your sisters doctor is doing the right thing here because that is a good indicator. Having said that, there are different degrees ofmLupus, form mild to severe. Just because someone has Lupus doesn't mean it will always attack the organs or become a more severe kind no matter what test is showing positive.

    It is very I,portent that she is honest with the doc about symptoms. Even things she may think little about. Fatigue, rashes, light sensitivity, memory loss or confusion, mouth sores the list goes on. Have her stop and think back and make a list of things that may have been going on that she didn't recognize.

    The good news is that for many people with mild Lipus the basic drugs like plaques can prevent further damage. She is really lucky to have found it early IF this is what it is. For now though, just have her prepare and don't psnic

    We will be here for you

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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    For what it is worth my ds-dna fluctuates between 130-180 and there is no indication of any serious issues or organ involvement.

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