So, I tested positive with a Nucleolar pattern 1 1/2 years ago. All other tests were negative. I have had IBS since I was a kid (the minute they said going to the Dr I had the runs). I have OCD of health issues so to say I have anxiety is being mild. I have had a severe IBS attack for several months and if I calmed down it would stop but hey calming down isn't in my control too often during the attacks I always get nauseous and don't eat alot plus nerves make my desire for food disappear. I went for bloodwork and I came back with low phosphate which is a electrolyte and my c3c was low and C4 wasn't low but WAY lower than before and almost considered low by two points. Dr's said low phosphate was because wasn't eating enough. Then I read that C3 and C4 can be low due to malnutrition. The only symptoms I have of any auto immune issues is what I think is Raynauds ( top rheumy disagrees due to lack of full color change) and I had blood and protein in urine but I had my period and when I went back a week later it was normal. I don't have joint aches or skin issues nor photosensitviity. My problem is every twitch, gas pain, gurgle etc.. I think it's lupus and I am going to drop dead. This is horrible and depressing to say the least.