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Thread: I don't know what is going on with me. . .

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    Default I don't know what is going on with me. . .

    I have had so many strange symptoms over the course of years. Some I've gone to a Dr. to figure out what's going on, others I've shrugged off as being weird random things.

    About two months ago I went in to see my Dr. because I felt so tired, my joints hurt and my elbow was visibly red as well, and I was having a lot of visual issues (photosensitivity, and barely being able to see out of my right eye sometimes at night) as well as frequent dizzy spells - not room spinning dizzy but feeling off balance.

    She referred me to see a Neuro & Rheumy after a positive ANA screen (1:2560, Speckled). I have completed both Appts and feel more lost than I did before all of this.

    The Neurologist concluded I do not have MS and seem okay for the most part Neurologically. He could not explain my visual issues, or dizziness but does not think it's due to MS.

    The Rheumatologist ran a lot of tests, which have all come back negative other than my ANA being positive again but this time it shows a high titer of SPECKLED and SPINDLE patter. Not sure what the spindle pattern means, and am unable to come up with much about it through searching online.

    From all of the reading I've done online, I am fairly certain I will receive no diagnosis because my other antibody tests came back within normal ranges. The only abnormal tests I have is low T4 (thyroid) and a positive ANA. No one seems concerned about the thyroid because my TSH isn't high so that isn't being looked into any further.

    I don't necessarily want a diagnosis, although it would help me feel less crazy. What I would like is to stop feeling so crummy. The symptoms (I'll list them down below) have been going on for years, off and on, one stops another starts or new ones start. With no diagnosis, I am finding I receive no treatment as well.

    *Dizziness (as mentioned before, feels more like I am drunk of off balance, not room spinning)
    *Heart Palpitations
    *Sore, Stiff and Red Joints (Knee, Shoulder, Elbow (where redness occurs) & Hip and occasionally my Wrists)
    *Difficulty Swallowing (feels as though food is stuck in my throat at times)
    *Visual Problems (Photosensitive, and in dim light loss of vision in right eye at times)
    *Chronic Pain in Cheekbones
    *Thyroid Nodules
    *Weight Gain (30lbs in less than one year with no change in diet)
    *Frequent Hives on my Face
    *Pink to Red Cheeks, which look a lot like a Malar Rash (Rheumy noticed this, but did not call say I have a Malar Rash so I am not going to say I have it)
    *2 Elevated ESR tests in the past (although most recent is in normal range)
    *2 Positive ANA Screens (SPECKLED & SPINDLE PATTERN) Recently
    *Abnormal T4 (TSH is Normal which rules out Hypothyroid)
    *Anemia (currently not an issue, but have had several blood panels in the past few years come back with low hemoglobin)

    There is probably more, that is just off the top of my head. I tend to forget some symptoms and they pop in my head later on. This often happens to me at Dr. Appts.

    Does anyone have any insight, have had similar symptoms and if so were you given a DX?
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