Hi! I registered for this site because I have recently had some lab work come back with certain things that were not normal and much of what I have researched appears to be symptoms of Lupus. I learned that there are many symptoms and not everyone has the same ones. Here is some of the information. The first was a Rheumatoid factor that was elevated (254) and a low White Blood Count. Then today I received the results of C3, C4 and Complement CH50. The C3 and C4 were in range, but the CH50 was elevated. I have experienced fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain and weakness. I tend to get sick very easily, especially with sore throats. And the thing that I never thought to tell my doctor because I thought it was psoriasis is that I get red raised patches on my scalp. I have a call into my doctor of course and she has already referred me to the Rhematologist (she did this before the Complement results came back). I guess my question is this consistent symptoms with Lupus? Any advice would be great!